Entitlement in NCAA Sports

Posted: May 27, 2011 in Sports

In reference to Denard Robinson Leaving Michigan.

‘Hey, if the kid wants to go, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. You looked fantastic for five games against nobody. That’s what you did.’ I’m not going to deny his talents, but, ‘You ain’t won nothing in Ann Arbor, son! Not so much we need to worry about if you’re going to be here next year or not.’ “–Desmond Howard

Desmond Howard blasts college athletes\’ sense of entitlement at black coaches convention

My Message to Denard…”Those who stay will be Champions”. Champions is the key word in this great quote from The Great Bo.  This does not mean football champions, it doesn’t even mean academic champions, it means Life Champions! He was making reference to the fact that a person who doesn’t run from tough times and learns to evolve and take advantage to change will be successful at life. If you spend you whole life running from hardship or blaming your lack of accomplishments on outside forces you will never be successful in life.

Denard I applaud your choice to stay of The University Of Michigan, it shows your true colors and in my opinion regardless of how your football career turns out you are a champion and a true Michigan Man.

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