Increasing Taxes on The Self-Employed

Posted: May 27, 2011 in News
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This social security tax increase is said to help balance the deficit this program is running on and help our needed citizen continue to receive their benefits.  If that was really the case this would be a warm heartfelt story, but there is a dark side to this story and this tax.  If we really want to fix our Social Security there is only one way to do it, TAX THE RICH.  the way our current system work the people who will have the highest increase in taxes from social security will be the self employed.  As i like to call them, the once unemployed, but now found a way to make ends meet on their own.  This is a blatant attack by the aristocratic ruling party (The Super Rich, The 1%ers etc.) to eliminate the common citizens ability to be independent.  By increase the self employed citizens taxes we are attack their ability to fend for themselves, making them turn to dependence on either the government for hand outs, or to big business for salaries.

Some would ask why Big Business would want this, but this has an easy answer, They are eliminating the possibility of future competition.  If there are no start up companies then the major companies in control now do not have to worry about being blindsided by a start up company. (Eg. Google was a start up company, now they are taking profits from tech companies all over the world). Just What You Needed: Higher Taxes

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