Real Life Spy Games

Posted: May 31, 2011 in News
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Lockheed Martin was infiltrated last week by hackers who used falsified security tags to get in.  Lockheed is not confirming the hackers actually entered their secure facility but have hinted that they used a fasly generated security ID tag to “Gain Access”.  (Pictured Below)

This is a bigger deal than most people are willing to admit.  This is the 2nd stage of the original hacker attack that happened in March 2011 where RSA security was hacked and they couldn’t figure out what the hackers took.  Now they know the hackers didn’t take anything they implanted false security ID’s.  The real problem is they do not know how many fake security ID’s they made or for what companies.  RSA provides digital security ID’s for most of the fortune 500 companies and for the PENTAGON.  These fake ID’s can then be used by these hackers (spy) to walk right passed the security checkpoint at most of these companies.  THIS IS A SERIOUS BREACH TO OUR NATIONAL SECURITY, and Lockheed is working around the clock with the department of defense to try and secure their systems. Thank Gizmodo

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