The Economy’s Recovery Was As Inflated As The Housing Bubble.

Posted: June 1, 2011 in News

June starts ominously for teetering Wall Street

When you print money to try and save an economy that was in trouble because of its debt, what are you really doing? That is like saying one wrong plus an even bigger wrong makes things right.  I hope people during this brief return to prosperity having been doing the right thing and getting themselves out of debt.  The Housing market has reach all time lows again, the jobs market has not even began to start to dwindle down on the unemployment rate, and for some reason the government controlled press is tooting their own horn telling us we have successfully recovered from the recession.  (Recession defined as : Recessions generally occur when there is a widespread drop in spending often following an adverse supply shock or the bursting of an economic bubble.) I thought it appropriate to display the actually definition since according to that definition we have not been out of the recession since 2008.

I can offer a bit of advice for people during these tough economic times:

1.) If you have a job don’t think of yourself as safe, you should constantly be looking for more work, because layoffs for some companies will be coming before the Christmas holiday this year.

2.) DON’T GET IN OVER YOU HEAD. This refers to your debt. If you are in debt get out of it as soon as you can and definitely don’t put yourself in a worst debt situation.

3.) Think long term. This is especially important when it comes to investing, put your money in stocks that hold their value the best not in stocks that have the largest gains. (apply this to stock, bonds mutual funds ETC.)

4.) Appreciate the good things in life.  This may be the most important thing for weathering the double dip of the recession.  Money may be able to buy happiness but if you can’t be happy without it you need to rethink what really makes you happy. The world will keep turning and life will go on, find new activities to do that make you happy that cost nothing or just enjoy spending time with loved ones.

5.) Don’t trust your bank.  If those of you who were hurt in the first downturn haven’t learned yet Banks are not looking out for you.  They will do whatever it takes to maintain profits and increase stock value.  This includes taking your house, charging you completely unfair interest rates and penalties, and lobbying to pass legislation that at face value looks to help out the consumer but in reality is designed to generate more bank profits.

  1. […] If you look at the signs of the protesters in NYC (HERE) and across the country (Chicago, Ohio, LA, etc.) they all have a common theme, at least in my eyes.  Hold people accountable for the action they have committed.  This applies to politicians taking lobbyist bribes (Top lobbying banks got biggest bailouts: study). Big Bank CEO making huge bonuses for breaking the law then not going to jail for their crimes (The 6 Largest Banks And The FED Are Running A Game To Make Large Profits).  The Richest 1% burying the country in national debt and then paying no taxes to help balance the budget (Economics Of Tax Loopholes and Potholes). It applies to current corporate greed where instead of hirring more employees on to fix the economy upper management just makes their current staff work harder, longer, and for less money (NO JOBS, NO ECONOMIC RECOVERY, NO STOCK GAINS0. All the while major corporations are reporting record profits ().  It applies to how huge multinational banks get  bailouts from the USA government, then use the money to foreclose on homes of citizens who did not receive the same bailout (The Big Banks Are Back In Big Trouble…Making A Strong Case Bailouts Were A Bad Idea). The list could go on and on (HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE & finally HERE)  For TOO LONG Americans have stood by and watched as corporate and individual GREED took over the country.  When was the last time America had a major corporation that they could be proud of, one that truly ”does no evil”…Hint Hint… […]

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