Unemployment Rate In USA Is Legitimately 11.5%.

Posted: June 2, 2011 in News, Opinion
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The article below take a complex system of how the government calculate unemployment and breaks it down so that it is easier to understand.  Basically without the politically motivated exemptions from the unemployment rate we are well over 11% of our population that should be working not being able to find work.  Again the article makes it easier to understand.  It explains why even though the President Obama friendly media says the unemployment rate dropped to 9% in April our economy is still not recovering.  This comes down to one this the Discouraged Unemployed, or those who are not counted by the government because they have been out of work so long they have given up on finding a job, or have passed the extended time of collecting unemployment from the government.  This is not a good thing like most of the press has been making it out to be.  It is the Equivalent of almost 600,000 people no longer having income, or having money to spend on goods and services that drive our economic recovery. Which means 600,000 people, not eating out, not buys clothes, not spending money, and thats just for the month of April.  If you count them going all the way back to the end of 2007 it is almost 8,750,000 people (yes that is Million) or 2.5% of the population of America.

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