Internet War – WWIII

Posted: June 3, 2011 in News, Opinion
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“Of late, an Internet tornado has swept across the world … massively impacting and shocking the globe. Behind all this lies the shadow of America,” — Chinese State Run News Paper

If this is true lets see how many major events that have cause unrest in the last few years we can loosely link to this statement:

We will start with the obvious:

1.) Egyptian revolution

2.) Libyan Revolution

3.) Yemen Revolution

4.) Financial Crisis in Greece

5.) Financial Crisis in Ireland

6.) Financial Crisis in Spain

7.) Financial Crisis in Portugal

8.) Political unrest in China

9.) Virus in Iranian nuclear plant

How many more can you add…?

While nuclear war was a strategy of the industrial era, Internet war is a product of the information age.

Quote from: [China calls US culprit in global \’Internet war\’]

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