WWDC (Apple) Conference = Epic Failure.

Posted: June 7, 2011 in News, Opinion

After reviewing the WWDC announcements I realized that this event for anyone who knows tech was an EPIC FAILURE!

Apple proceeded with the event as if they were bringing the news and best technology to smart phones and tablets, as well as cloud based computing.  However, they announced NOTHING THAT GOOGLE DOESN’T ALREADY DO.  In fact most of the announcements made by Apple I have been using on my android phone for almost 6 months, and they were available way before that.  Below is an excerpt from a yahoo tech blog I read: [Android inspires iOS 5 updates, must stay focused on cloud access ]


Android already had that

Features like a central notifications bar and the ability to view them from the lock screen are not new to Android users, nor is the ability to “tweet” a photo directly from an app. I’m already able to see my Facebook and Twitter friends, as well as their content, from my Android contacts list, and apps I’ve already purchased load readily when I get a new Android device. Several concepts applied to Apple’s new mobile experience, including single sign-on for Twitter and over-the-air updates, have flourished on Android’s platform, which had the benefit of improving on many of Apple devices’ shortcomings.


This actually concerns me.  I feel like Apple once again has already lost a battle it started (previous example would be with person computers to Microsoft).  The reason this bothers me is that the better the competition the faster the tech advances (example being the smart phone market right now with multiple tech companies).  However if Apple is already this far behind Google than they have lost the battle.  I am concern Android might complete take over the market and eliminate the competition. Right now it looks like Microsoft might be their biggest competition not Apple.  Microsoft’s update Mango was a huge hit and allowed for completely new uses of the smartphone which pushed the envelope even further, again i say Apples IOS5 looks sad in comparison and i believe the iPhone 4Gs or whatever they are going to call it might be a complete failure.


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