If You Are Still Paying More Than 50$ a Month For Cable TV You Are Getting Ripped Off.

Posted: June 9, 2011 in News
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With live TV becoming a standard function on the Xbox live platform cable TV companies are in hot water and will be going under soon.  You already pay them for your internet access you don’t need to pay them for TV as well.  There have almost always been alternative to TV on the internet but none function as nicely as the new Xbox Live TV does.

Cost comparison

Cable TV = about $80 per month

You can get everything Cable offers and more for cheaper on Xbox Live

Xbox Live = $60 per year/12 month = $5 per month

Netflix on Xbox = $5.99 per month (streaming only)

Hulu TV = $8.99 per month

ESPN 1-8 = Free

Live TV = Free (commercial supported)

That means that Xbox cost per month cost is $19.98 per month, even if you throw in the cost of internet at $30 per month you will still be getting all of the feature of your cable TV for just over half the cost. ($49.98 per month) — oh yeah and you get the benefit of being a part of the largest console online gaming community in the world.

Check out the new feature here [These are the New Xbox Live Television Features]

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