Ohio State University To Get The NCAA Version Of An Atomic Bomb As A Penalty.

Posted: June 9, 2011 in News, Sports
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If you think the punishment that USC received for what they allowed Reggie Bush to do while he was in school was harsh, you might want to look away when they drop the bomb in OSU.

This may be one of the worst hammer drops on a program in the history of college football, even surpassing the SMU pay for play scandal.  [Why the OSU case is worse than that of USC ] A recent discovered paper trail of funds from a signature sales men making their way into Pryor’s bank account via CHECK (I mean come on you couldn’t think of a better way to pay him).

If any of this report is true OSU may not even be a factor in college football for years, I am betting a NCAA ban from post season for at least 5 years.  Also I would assume the same offers made to USC players will be available to the current player being allowed to transfer.

This could be a sad day for the BIG10.  Not because everyone likes the F*ckeyes, but because it will seriously hurt the reputation of the conference as a whole.  Also I wonder which Ohio team will pick up the slack on these recruits.

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