IMF Gets Hacked…

Posted: June 13, 2011 in News
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NEW YORK – The International Monetary Fund, already reeling from last month’s arrest of its former leader, is investigating an attack on its computer system.

>  “The IMF has confidential information on countries in financial trouble.”

— This means that all of that debt being hidden by Euro-zone countries will be brought to public view in the near future.  This could be very dangerous to world financial markets but might be good for the USA stock market.  Makes me wonder if this was done by Goldman Sac, and not Anonymous.

> “The New York Times cited unnamed IMF officials as saying the attack was sophisticated and serious.”

— How would the NY Times know this?  Either way any attack that breached even low level security at the IMF can be considered, “Sophisticated And Serious” in my opinion.

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