PUJOLS — Dropping In Value?

Posted: June 15, 2011 in Sports

Albert Pujols negotiations go. Since his five-homers-in-four-games binge last week, Pujols has stagnated with an OPS at .823. Considering where he was a few weeks ago, it’s a great recovery. Considering where he has been the past 10 years, it’s more on the LeBron side of the Dirk-LeBron Continuum.

Remember, Pujols entered the season in search of $300 million. OnlyAlex Rodriguez(notes) has received a contract for more than $189 million, and both his $250 million and current $275 million deals were so ill-advised and ill-fated that the Beastie Boys could’ve licensed them.

One by one, his potential suitors have picked themselves off. The Chicago Cubs’ debt issues likely prevent them from dropping a Godfather offer on Pujols. The Los Angeles Dodgers’ owner prefers to spend his money on a septuagenarian Russian healer. TheNew York Yankees and Boston Red Sox already locked first basemen into long-term deals and wouldn’t dare lavish a DH with nine figures. All that’s left are the Washington Nationals (linked to Fielder because Boras’ psychic sway over owner Ted Lerner) and the Los Angeles Angels (whose owner, Arte Moreno, no matter how desperate, knows not to break the bank for a 31-year-old first baseman).

This is great news for Cardinals Nation becuase it looks like he might be easier to sign this year than last.

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