What Men Want…For Real!

Posted: June 16, 2011 in Opinion

So everyone always seems so tangled up in What Women Want.  I decided to post about what men want…Not any dirty stuff, just for real emotional stuff that get men excited about their special lady.

1.) When you bare it all.

— Not naked time, but real GF time, as in no makeup not pushup, just plain real GF time.

2.) Your Belly.

— Don’t stress we don’t expect washboard abs, in fact most men don’t want a hard stomach to lay their head on, it just needs to be baby soft and belong to you and we will love it.

3.) When you do “That Thing You Do”.

— Don’t be embarrassed about you tics or special features, most likely if we truly love you, we love those things about you the most.

4.) When you toss the dryer.

— All natural hair is the best, its kinda like wind blown beach babe hair, lol, but most guys agree just let it air dry and it looks the best.

5.) Your Eyelashes

— Butterfly kisses welcome, but eyes truly are a window to ones soul.

6.) Your legs.

— Long smooth, and perfect

7.) Your Style

— Nothing makes you sexier than you being you.

8.) Your Scent

— The more delicious the better you scent gets us going.

9.) When you ask for what you want

— This one is mega important, it is super hot when a lady tells you exactly what she wants

10.) Your job.

— Successful is sexy, and so are women in office clothes.


For More Details hit the Jump –> 10 Beauty Moves Guys Find Sexy

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