Lots Of New News On The Ocean Front.

Posted: June 20, 2011 in News

SAVE THE OCEAN.  Today a bunch of new information came out about the problems with the ocean and how the warming temperatures of the earth are effecting is more than we originally thought.

Its Kinda Like Venice, But In NYC… 🙂


A panel of experts says the world’s oceans are being damaged in so many ways that the situation is far more dire than they originally thought.

Scientists will present a new report on the oceans to the United Nations on Tuesday. They say the troubles are from global warming and other man-made problems. Those include dead zones from farm run-off, overfishing, an increase in acidity from too much carbon dioxide, habitat destruction and melting sea ice.

The report is from the International Programme on the State of the Ocean. The combination of damaging effects on the seas suggest there’s a brewing worldwide die-off of species that would rival past mass extinctions. [Panel: Problems with oceans multiplying, worsening]


Sea level has been rising significantly over the past century of global warming, according to a study that offers the most detailed look yet at the changes in ocean levels during the last 2,100 years.

The researchers found that since the late 19th century — as the world became industrialized — sea level has risen more than 2 millimeters per year, on average. That’s a bit less than one-tenth of an inch, but it adds up over time. 

Let see the MATH: 2,100 years x .01 inches = 21 inches in sea level rise in the last 2100 years which is close to 2 feet.

Two of his co-authors calculated in an earlier paper that sea level could rise by between 30 and 75 inches by the end of this century. And it might even rise faster than that, Martin Vermeer of Aalto University in Finland and Stefan Rahmstorf of Germany’s Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact reported in 2009. [Study details significant sea level rise]



Cuban scientists calculate that median sea levels around the Caribbean nation will rise more than 30 inches by the end of the century due to global climate change, official media said Friday.

Models predict the sea will rise 10.6 inches (27 centimeters) by 2050, and 33.5 inches (85 centimeters) by 2100, Abel Centella, scientific director of the country’s Meteorological Institute, was quoted by Communist Party daily Granma as saying. [Cuba: Seas to rise more than 30 inches by 2100]



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