A Hacker Handbook.

Posted: June 21, 2011 in News

If you are interested in learning how to hack different secure websites this is your book.  However this is also a great way to learn how to defend yourself.  Read through carefully and gain a greater understanding to how the hacking groups have been attacking and taking down websites of all sorts.

If you have not gone through the IRC chat client
setup for your operating system, we recommend
you go back and get started there.

Master Table of Contents
1) Preface
2) Setting up Tor
3) Firefox Recommended Add-Ons
4) Setting up i2p
4.1) Installation
4.2) Firefox Configuration
4.3) IRC Client Configuration
4.4) I2p IRC on Android via irssi connectbot
5) Advanced IRC
5.1) Commands
5.2) Browsing
6) Advanced Defense Techniques
7) Portable Solutions

Full Document here –> #OpNewBlood

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