You Asked For It… Here is a new Drop Of The Werks Videos From YouTube.

Posted: June 21, 2011 in Music, News
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For those of you who have been holding your breath just waiting for the chance to see The Werks this summer, here is a great teaser for you. Below are the MOST RECENT POSTED THE WERKS VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE. Okay Okay so a couple of the videos are from last year but they were just posted to YouTube in the last 4 weeks.

If you want your The Werks Video to be included in the Next Blog post contact

User: Shrekopher

on YouTube and send him a message with a link to the video.]

After you watch the videos Vote For Your Favorite The Werks Song

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The Werks live @ Karma Music Festival 2011

The Werks @ Wakarusa 2011

The Werks – Game Plan @ Wakarusa 2011 HD

The Werks – Gameplan @ 2011 Mayflowers Springdance

The Werks – Fall @ 2011 Mayflowers Springdance

Rumpke Mountain Boys They Love Each Other Space Dark Star feat. Chris Houser From The Werks

The Werks – Glow stick War

The Werks – Glow Stick War – Newport Music Hall 05.07.11

The Werks Shredding~Run Like and Antelope!

The Werks – Game Plan

The Werks – 2001 Space Odyssey

The Werks – I Know You RIder

The Werks at Spring Hookah in The Hills 2010

  1. […] You Asked For It… Here is a new Drop Of The Werks Videos From YouTube. […]

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