Man Babies Make The News Again….

Posted: June 22, 2011 in Opinion

Photographer turns ManBabies phenomenon into art [The ultimate family photo makeover]

What if you took Awkward Family Photos and added a touch of ManBabies magic? That’s Internet-speak for the concept behind a new project by German photographer Paul Ripke.

If you’re new to the ManBabies phenomenon sweeping the viral universe this week, here’s the gist: take any photo of a dad with his child and swap their faces so the child’s face is on the dad’s body and vice versa. The popular blog,, birthed the idea in 2009, turning photo submissions into mind-bending comic relief. But Ripke, an artist and commercial photographer, gave the concept a professional makeover (and added a few moms in the mix).

He enlisted everyone from his neighbor to a local restaurant owner and a well-known German DJ to pose for a studio shoot with their kids. Then, with some graphic design finessing, he resized and swapped their heads. The effect is creepy, hilarious, and impossible not to share. But be warned: You’ll never look at a family photo shoot in the same way again.

Check out my original post about man babies here –> Man Baby Pictures Are Weird, And Fun.

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