Autopilot For Your Car, In The Near Future!

Posted: June 24, 2011 in News
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Volkswagen is currently testing an autopilot feature for their new line of cars possibly being released next year.  Through a combination of cameras, sensors, cruise control, GPS, and Guts… they are able to navigate the highway and stop and go traffic without the driver needed to do anything but sit back and relax.  Give this technology a few more years and you will be able to sleep in your car while it takes you to work or cross country on a road trip.

Excerpt from –> Volkswagen Autopilot Lets You Drive Hands-Free at 80 MPH

The temporary auto pilot technology uses adaptive cruise control, lane assist and a variety of sensors to track your speed, your location and all the cars around you. It’s a semi-automatic system so you need to continually monitor the car. You don’t have to keep your hands on the wheel, but you really shouldn’t be napping while the car is flying down the highway at 75MPH.

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