The All To Familiar Job Juggle.

Posted: June 27, 2011 in News, Opinion
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I read a great article today about the new challenges young graduates are facing in the work force.  Full artilce here –> Job Jugglers, on the Tightrope

For the most part I can relate with this 100%.  I graduated college in 2007, and have not worked one job since i walked across the stage.  currently i work 3 different jobs with take up about 85 hours a week, and provide a miserable pre-tax income I don’t even want to mention on this blog.  I wonder on a regular basis how people who make less the 30k a year can survive, with how much I work its not like I am going out spending money on fun.

But the one thing this article fails to realize is that the cost of living has gone way up.  When i graduate college in 2007 gas was at $1.50 a gallon… That is less than half it cost now.  I drive a fuel efficient car and my gas expense alone is close to 10% of my pretax income in a year. Not to mention the increased cost of food and other necessities for common life.  If I made what I do now in 2007 it would have seemed like a ton of money. Especially since I lived on about $7k  a year in college. However with inflation and the increase cost of everyday goods my expenses have increased 200% in the last 4 years.  I can promise you even if the economy was GREAT i would not have gotten a 200% increase in my salary. I however am lucky that i live in a city where the cost of living was low before this recession and even with inflation the costs are still manageable, but most are not so lucky.

There in-lies the real problem with our economy.  We are experiencing huge inflation, cost of real goods inflation, not the monetary kind.  This is greatly decreasing the buying power of the younger generations, and crushing their savings.

How can you expect someone to plan for the future if they are struggling to make ends meet in the present?

If we don’t fix this problem soon the effects will be long lasting.  We are creating a generation of people without financial security, who work twice as hard for half as much.  How long with the workforce continue like this?  I can tell you one thing I doubt i could work 85 hrs a week when I’m 60, and good luck trying to start a family when you are never home or barely have time to date much less become intimate enough to even consider marriage.

What kind of a world is this making? It reminds me of indentured servants or a monetary based version of slavery, not the free market capitalist society I was raised to believe in.


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