New Species From New Guinea

Posted: June 28, 2011 in News
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Today has been all about photography.  so i figured if i had picture of new species from the Philippians i had to do these new species too.  Here are the weirdest looking new animals we found in New Guinea.

We can always use a new giant rat… yuck!

Look at how short the legs of this new jumping spider are.  You can barely tell it is a spider at all.

This spider has some sweet colors.

This little guy should replace the hamster, way cooler.

I think its a Sloth

This little spider has yellow stripes.

Have you ever seen a bat look more like a gargoyle

Here is his brother … lol

This frog reminds me a Disney character but I can’t quite pin it on the nose…

Yes ladies frogs now come is a female friendly pink for any of you who are interested.

Yes that’s true it is a baby man bear pig…lol. not actually i think its a cousin of the american raccoon.

oops how did that get there… They didn’t really find Yoda in the jungle lol

this is kinda like a blue eyed mole rat…

finally two flowers


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