Over 2,000 Corporations Registered To One Little Tiny House!

Posted: June 28, 2011 in News, Opinion
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How Deep Does Corporate Corruption Really Go? IF YOU ONLY NEW!

A new study found that people are taking advantage of the USA incorporation laws to commit morally questionable acts. Basically they are creating false companies to avoid taxes and or hide profits or or forms of financial paper crimes.  The best part is the USA government has known about it for years and many of the participant are members of congress.

Check out the Full article here –> Special Report: A little house of secrets on the Great Plains

Excerpts below:

At a single address in this sleepy city of 60,000 people, more than 2,000 companies are registered. The building, 2710 Thomes Avenue, isn’t a shimmering skyscraper filled with A-list corporations. It’s a 1,700-square-foot brick house with a manicured lawn, a few blocks from the State Capitol.

“A corporation is a legal person created by state statute that can be used as a fall guy, a servant, a good friend or a decoy,” the company’s website boasts. “A person you control… yet cannot be held accountable for its actions. Imagine the possibilities!”

Yet on U.S. soil, similar activity is perfectly legal. The incorporation industry, overseen by officials in the 50 states, has few rules. Convicted felons can operate firms which create companies, and buy them with no background checks. 

Treasury and state banking regulators say banks have flagged billions of dollars in suspicious transactions involving U.S. shell companies in recent years. On June 10, a federal judge in Oregon ordered a company registered there to pay $60 million for defrauding a Ukrainian government agency through sham transactions involving shell companies. The civil lawsuit described a network of U.S.-registered shells connected to fraud in Eastern Europe and Afghanistan. 

The last blip concerns me the most because those shell companies were the ones used by Goldman Sacs to bring down the Greek currency.  I would keep an eye out for this story, because one of two things will happen with it: it will either become huge nation news and be used as a political weapon, or someone who is super powerful will shut this guy up and you will never hear about these secret corporations again.

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