Flooding In The Midwest And Drought In Africa Leads To A Starvation WARNING!

Posted: July 5, 2011 in News, Opinion
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Millions of people in the Horn of Africa are facing severe shortages of food as the worst drought in the region for six decades withers crops and kills livestock, as the BBC’s world affairs correspondent Mike Wooldridge reports.

On top of this, the cost of food is higher than at any time since the price crisis of three years ago.

This deeply alarming combination of factors has resulted in acute malnutrition affecting 35-40% of children under five in a lot of places, according to aid officials – twice the threshold that requires an emergency response. –> Starvation Warning

My heart goes out to the children of Africa.  When the people of the world suffer we all should open our minds to new solutions.  How can we help the 40% of children who could starve to death this year alone in the horn of Africa.  Next time you sit down on your plush leather couch with your flat screen TV and eat your big steak dinner think and pray for a minute before you enjoy your meal. Did you do everything you can to prevent this from happening?  Would you be able to explain your actions to God standing at the pearly gates? Do you truly believe yourself when you think ‘That situation is so sad, but there is nothing I can do’?  This is a call to the world for service. For too long we have been ignoring the problems in our own backyard and have practiced the policy of “out of sight, out of mind” when it comes to worldly problems, the time to act is now.

For Those Of You who want to help–> Looking To Do Some Good, There Is A Social Network For That.

“Some parts of the Horn of Africa have been hit by the worst drought in 60 years, the UN says.

More than 10 million people are thought to be affected across the region.

The UN now classifies large areas of Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya as a crisis or an emergency.

Charity Save the Children says drought and war in Somalia has led to unprecedented numbers fleeing across the border into Kenya, with about 1,300 people arriving every day.

Three camps at Dadaab, just inside Kenya, are home to well over 350,000 people, but they were built to hold just 90,000 and are severely overcrowded.” –> Horn Of Africa sees worst drought in 60 years 

Despite reports that the humanitarian crisis in Somalia is easing after 20 years of war, it remains the ultimate failed state – a land of banditry and piracy, where crop failures and a shortage of food force people into the violent city of Mogadishu.  The rattle, pop and thump of gunfire is so pervasive that locals grimly call it ‘Mogadishu music’

A million people are thought to have been killed during 20 years of war –> Somalia\’s Starving Driven Into Violent Mogadishu

With starvation coming people are being forced to take refuge in the most violent areas of the country. With tensions rising it could be the perfect storm for more violence.  If any of you don’t know what i am leading into, think black hawk down, without USA intervention.


For more information on how the flooding in the USA is effect the food costs check below

500,000 Acres of Farmland in Flood Path

Nearly a million acres of prime Mississippi farmland threatened by approaching mega-flood

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