First Synthetic Organ Transplant!!! [REPO MEN]

Posted: July 7, 2011 in News
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This little iteme was the first synthetic organ to be transplanted into a real live person.  the possibilities are endless.  Which reminds me If You Could Live Forever Would You Want To? In Your Lifetime The Option Could Be Up To You.

Excerpts from articles about the operation below.


For the first time in history, a patient has been implanted with a synthetic windpipe that was created using the patient’s stem cells and a replica of his original windpipe. It’s amazing even though it kinda looks like PVC piping

It’s the future of medical science: there’s no donor needed and no depressingly long wait times. Scientists from London created the replica using 3D scans of the 36-year-old patient. The material was made from polymers with a spongy and flexible texture with stiff rings around the tube to recreate a more human-like trachea. They coated and soaked the trachea model in a solution of stem cell’s taken from the patient’s bone marrow and after two days, the patient’s own tissues had grown to cover replica. It looked like this:

Surgeons Perform the World's First Synthetic Organ Transplant
According to the Dr. Paolo Macchiarini, a professor at the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm that performed the surgery, said the “stem cells from the own patient were growing inside and outside. This structure was becoming a living structure.” It’s been a month since the surgery and the patient’s body has accepted the synthetic organ and he should be released soon. The doctors hope that it can lead to more artificial organs for future transplants. Not cloning! [CNN, Image Credit: Harvard Bio Science

Originally posted here –> Surgeons Perform the World’s First Synthetic Organ Transplant


Surgeons in Sweden have carried out the world’s first synthetic organ transplant.

Scientists in London created an artificial windpipe which was then coated in stem cells from the patient.

Crucially, the technique does not need a donor, and there is no risk of the organ being rejected. The surgeons stress a windpipe can also be made within days.

The 36-year-old cancer patient is doing well a month after the operation.

Professor Paolo Macchiarini from Italy led the pioneering surgery, which took place at the Karolinska University Hospital.

In an interview with the BBC, he said he now hopes to use the technique to treat a nine-month-old child in Korea who was born with a malformed windpipe or trachea.

Professor Macchiarini already has 10 other windpipe transplants under his belt – most notably the world’s first tissue-engineered tracheal transplant in 2008 on 30-year-old Spanish woman Claudia Costillo – but all required a donor

For Full Article Check out the jump –> Surgeons carry out first synthetic windpipe transplant


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