Fun Fun Cheap Cheap! :( Fred, Former Owner Of Dirt Cheap Suffers Huge Loss Of Family

Posted: July 11, 2011 in News, Opinion
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Pay Respects To The Family Of Fred [Dirt Cheap Liquor Guy]

DEMOPOLIS, Ala. • The Florida family of seven that died in a plane crash after leaving a family reunion in St. Louis was related to the owner of discount liquor and cigarette shops.

Fred Teutenberg Sr., best known in St. Louis for the quirky TV slogans for the Dirt Cheap chain is the father of the man piloting the doomed plane — and the grandfather of the five children under the age of 11 who died in the wreckage.

Marengo County, Ala., Coroner Stuart Harold Eatmon identified the victims as Fred Teutenberg, 42; his wife, Terresa, who was in her mid-30s; their daughter Emma, 2; their son Peyton, 4; their daughter Ellie, 6; their son Brendon, 9; and their son Will, 10.

Fred Teutenberg Sr. was at work Monday morning at Fred’s Cheapo Depot on Telegraph Road and not ready to make any public statement, said a family friend answering the phones at the store. He used to run Dirt Cheap stores but parted ways with the owners in 2009 and launched the Fred’s Cheapo Depot stores. 

Full Article Here –> Family on flight from St. Louis area killed in Alabama crash

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