Could Missouri Be The First State To Legalize Marijuana?

Posted: July 11, 2011 in News, Opinion
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COLUMBIA, Mo. — Missouri marijuana advocates want to ask voters next year to legalize the drug and regulate its medical use.

A group called Show-Me Cannabis filed its initiative request with the Missouri Secretary of State on Wednesday.

If the state approves the ballot language for the proposed Missouri constitutional amendment, supporters would need to collect enough signatures from registered voters by next May to get the question on the November ballot.

The measure would decriminalize pot use, possession and small-scale cultivation by Missourians age 21 and older. It would also require the state to issue retail licenses to sell the drug and oversee a medical marijuana program.

Sixteen states have medical marijuana programs. Activists are targeting several other states next year.

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Two measures which would regulate cannabis for adults in a manner similar to alcohol, allow medical use with the approval of a physician and create an agricultural hemp industry, were filed with the Missouri Secretary of State’s office in Jefferson City on July 6, 2011.”The state presently spends millions of tax dollars incarcerating citizens who use cannabis, depriving those imprisoned of the ability to earn a living, pay taxes and care for their families,” said Fred Raines, professor emeritus of economics at Washington University. “Meanwhile, the law of supply and demand continues to support an unending criminal enterprise. The social and economic costs of prohibition continue to far outweigh any benefits. It’s time we acknowledge that and move forward.”

Similar initiatives are expected to be on the ballot in November of 2012 in at least five other states including California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Oregon and Washington. Proposition 19, an initiative to tax and regulate cannabis in California, received the support of 46% of votes cast there in November 2010. Recent polling in Missouri shows a majority of voters support medical use and 47% support broader regulated legalization.

Last month, a bill was filed in the US Congress by Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul, M.D., and Democrat Barney Frank, which would repeal the federal criminal prohibition of cannabis, leaving regulation of the plant entirely in the hands of the states.

Show-Me Cannabis, an association of individuals and organizations including the Missouri Affiliate of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana laws; NORML chapters in St. Louis, Kansas City, Joplin and MSSU-Joplin and UM-Columbia;Students for Sensible Drug Policy at UM-Columbia and MSSU-Joplin and Sensible Missouri. This coalition filed the measures and hopes to promote a serious discussion of the merits of repealing the criminal prohibition of cannabis.

Initiative wording and more information regarding the cannabis plant and cannabis policy may be found online here.

Missouri marijuana legalization petition filed

picture from Patients 4 Medical Marijuana



All I have to say about this is look at the $ signs.  This could create thousands of legitimate jobs. If you are looking for an answer to cure the public school budget this is it.  It is already the number one cash crop in Missouri why not make it legally the number one crop. Taxes taxes taxes…. Think about the savings just from not having to prosecute all of the people in the state who get busted with a small amount. It might balance the police budget and allow them to concentrate on arresting DANGEROUS CRIMINALS instead of pot heads.

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