New Info On Google+ Invites [10 Million Strong]

Posted: July 12, 2011 in News

10 Million Strong

Holy social networks, Batman! An estimate from founder Paul Allen suggests Google+ may hit the 10 million member mark in the next 24 hours. If the invite button is left on, this number could climb to 20 million by the weekend.

Allen (not be confused with the Microsoft co-founder) uses a surname-based model to calculate these subscriber numbers. He’s been using this model since he first joined and claims it is quite accurate. Judging by the amount of spam I already see in my stream, I would have to agree.

originally posted here –> Gizmodo

Fake Names Not Allowed On Google+

If you create a Google+ account under a fake name, it might be suspended. A Second Life user tried to create an account with the name of his avatar from the game, Opensource Obscure. According to Wagner James AuGoogle suspended his profile.Au followed up with a Google spokesperson, who confirmed that accounts should use real names.Facebook does the same thing because it wants users to be able to find each other easily. But Google might have missed an opportunity to appeal to those Internet users who are better known by their online names than their real-world names.

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