Facebook Is Blocking You From Exporting Your Contacts To Google+ [PROOF Zuckerberg Is Scared]

Posted: July 13, 2011 in News

Facebook blocks Open-Xchange contact exporter too

On Sunday July 10, 2011, Facebook blocked Open-Xchange’s tool that lets Facebook users export their friends so that they can be imported into other products and services. As I reported last week, the tool used approved Facebook APIs and was not in violation of Facebook’s Terms and Conditions, or at least that’s what Open-Xchange’s management thought.

Facebook sent the following email to Open-Xchange:

We’re writing to inform you that your app Connector for ox.io has been disabled for the following violations:

You cannot use a user’s friend list outside of your application, even if a user consents to such use, but you can use connections between users who have both connected to your application. (FPP II.11)

Our expectation is that developers do not provide users with poor experiences, such as those resulting from inappropriate or misleading content, privacy and security vulnerabilities, and general spam in the Stream, Requests, and elsewhere. We appreciate your commitment to improving the application ecosystem on Platform.

Unsurprisingly, Open-Xchange was not amused. The company strongly believes that Facebook’s data should be accessible to the users that have access to it on the site.

FULL ARTICLE AFTER THE JUMP –> Facebook blocks Open-Xchange contact exporter tool

Prior to this article being posted there was a loop whole that allowed you to export your facebook contacts to yahoo.com/mail and then important them into Google+ but it looks like this has all been shut down because Mark Zuckerberg IS AFRAID GOOGLE+ IS GOING TO CRUSH FACEBOOK.

Some yahoo accounts are still working so if you would like to give it a try here is a link to the article below: 

How to import, invite Facebook friends to Google+ 

While you’re settling into Google+, you might notice that it’s a little lonely without your friends.

Since most of your friends are currently on Facebook (and might not even know about Google+), you’ll need to help them make the switch.

Here’s how: 

Step 1: Log into your Yahoo Mail account. If you don’t have one yet, create one. Then, head to the “Contacts” tab in the mail dashboard. Click “Import contacts” and then select the Facebook icon in the next screen. You’ll be asked to authorize the connection.

Yahoo will import all your Facebook friends’ names and e-mails into your contacts list.

Step 2: Go to Google+, log in, and click “View and edit” in the sidebar on the right (below “in your circles”). In the next window, click “Find and invite.” Click “Yahoo,” agree to the terms, and watch as Google imports your Yahoo contacts (from Facebook) into Google+.

Step 3: Add all the Facebook friends you want on Google+ into your custom Circles. Then go to the Google+ dashboard, compose a post, and share it with those circles. Make sure to check “Also e-mail * people not yet using Google+”.

Upon publishing your post, your friends will be indirectly invited to Google+, a trick we previously mentioned.

Because Facebook doesn’t allow third parties to grab users’ e-mail addresses, the company will likely continue to shut down apps and extensions like, Facebook Friend Exporter, that attempt to do so.

Other Web development teams are attempting to bypass Facebook restrictions, but this Yahoo Mail workaround is the only legitimate way to get your Facebook friends onto Google+ (for now). 

Full post here –> How to import, invite Facebook friends to Google+

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