Here Are Some Of The Most Expensive Gaming Gadgets Ever [PHOTOGRAPHY]

Posted: July 26, 2011 in News, Opinion

Between the systems, the accessories and the games themselves, gaming is a pretty pricey pastime. Most gamers are looking for bargains – but you won’t find any here. Hope you saved up some gold coins, because if you plan on picking up any of these outrageously priced game goodies, you’re gonna need ’em.

iPad 2: Gold History Edition
Price: $8.1 million
Created by luxury gadget guru Stuart Hughes, this iPad 2 is packed with gold and studded with flawless diamonds. The real kicker, though, is found in its frame. Made from incredibly rare Ammolite rock, it contains splinters and shavings from — wait for it — a Tyrannosaurus Rex thigh bone dating back 65 million years. Somehow, even that awesome fossil doesn’t do much to justify its ludicrous price.

Mario Pendant
Price: $2,600
The most famous mascot in gaming is no stranger to the collectible circuit, but this pendant goes above and beyond the typical plastic Mario doo-dads. Comprised of 10K solid yellow gold and encrusted with diamonds, the 4.25 carat item might be the fanciest plumber ever.

Gem-encrusted Xbox 360
Price: $11,000
Tomb Raider star Lara Croft is already quite a looker, but she’s never looked as downright shiny as she does on this gem-encrusted Xbox 360. Over 40,000 Swarovski crystals make up Lara’s likeness, turning this gaudy console into a pretty cool work of art, too.

Gold Game Boy
Price: $29,500
If your tastes run old-school — and you’ve got a few extra thousand burning a hole in your pocket — check out this insane Game Boy. Made of solid 18K yellow gold with a few Pave diamonds thrown in to add some bling, it will set you back a mere $29,500. Fanciest…game of Tetris…ever.

Stadium Events
Price: $41,300
What this unassuming NES game lacks in gemstones, it more than makes up for in sheer price. Considered a Holy Grail by video game collectors, a sealed copy of this incredibly rare game sold on eBay last year for an astonishing $41,300, making it the priciest video game of all time.

PS3 Supreme
Price: $320,000
When the PS3 was first released, it cost a good $600, making it the most expensive of the three next-gen consoles. That’s a steal compared to this exorbitant system. It’s made of gold, naturally, and 58 individually set flawless diamonds line the disc loading area. Hope those don’t scratch your Blu-rays.

Wii Supreme
Price: $490,000
At $150, the Wii is currently the cheapest home console. Dip it in gold, though, and it’s a tad pricier. The Wii Supreme is made with 5.5 pounds of 22 carat gold and features front buttons built from 78 diamonds, each .25 carats. Only three were made — but at half a mil apiece, we’re pretty sure at least one is still available.

iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition
Price: $8 million
Think you paid too much for your iPhone? Next to this beast, yours was basically free. Another Stuart Hughes special, about 500 flawless diamonds, rose gold, platinum and one honking 7.4 carat pink diamond went into the Diamond Rose, which at over $8 million is the most expensive mobile phone in the world. Sadly, you don’t get any extra bells and whistles for all that cash — it still tops out at 32GB.

STORY ORIGINALLY POSTED HERE –> The World\’s Most Expensive Game Gear

Is it me or does anyone else get a sick feeling in their stomach knowing people actually spend that much money on this crap?


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