The Yellow Sea Is Turning Green At An Alarming Rate [PHOTOGRAPHY]

Posted: July 26, 2011 in News
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So for some reason a 200 mile algae plume erupted in the Yellow Sea and is turning the water green.  It is not a bad thing for the environment, but may put stress on local marine life.


Check out some pictures below. Originally posted here –> Green algae in the Yellow Sea

I can picture this situation now…

Kid: (standing on the edge of the sea with an ewww face) :-/

Father: Oh don’t be such a wimp Kid just get in the green slime and enjoy your day at the beach.


Here is my idea to help China deal with loss of tourism.

If you ever really wanted to get slimed on an old school Nickelodeon Game Show come on down to the Yellow Sea “Where the slime is Free!”

Check out this new technology that can turn your front lawn into a swimming pool. LOL JK

Does give a whole new meaning to the term lazy river though.

Watch out for this guy swimming through the 18th hole fairway lol…

Who said a beach can’t border your lawn…the algae is so thick that it looks like a nice healthy front lawn.

I can’t believe people are actually getting into this water….It looks like they are having a grrreat time lol



This is why we need to try and protect EARTH. I would be pissed if i had a vacation and showed up to the beach and it looked like this.

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