Compelling UFO Evidence, Dome Of The Rock And Bottom Of The Sea [ALIENS]

Posted: August 1, 2011 in News, Opinion
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I’m always skeptical about little green men and their flying machines. There’s always one nutter/hoaxer claiming to have captured an UFO on a blurry film. This time, however, it’s hard to dismiss because multiple people caught it at the same time.Updated.

ORIGINALLY POSTED –> Is This UFO Caught By Multiple Cameras a Real Alien Spaceship


The video above shows three videos taken from three different angles by three different people—including one woman from Mississippi—synchronized into one. Here’s the first video, showing a bright dot descending and hovering over Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock, one of the holiest spots in the world, at the heart of the Jewish-Muslim conflict in Israel:

Yes, it’s not very different from other blurry videos, except that this was simultaneously being filmed from different angles by other people around the city. That’s the surprising fact. Here are more videos comparing the shots, with a close up of the American tourist’s video:

I’m sure that many people will claim some short of divine hand in all this, since this temple has a huge significance for the three dominant religions in the world. According to the Muslim version of the Lord of the Rings, the Dome of the Rock is the place where Muhammad ascended to heaven accompanied by the angel Gabriel. They also believe that Muhammad hanged around here with Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. The Jewish also believe that Abraham prepared Isaac for sacrifice.

I don’t know what the hell this is, but that kind of behavior—hovering so close to a building and accelerating at blinding speed upwards—can’t be replicated by any flying machine known to humans. Maybe it’s all just a very elaborated conspiracy by multiple people from different nationalities and beliefs. Perhaps it is an awesome hoax by someone else—maybe a viral marketing campaign. Or maybe it’s a secret Israeli military UAV. I’m only certain of one thing: I can’t wait for Bill O’Reilly to tell us about how this was probably Jesus descending in his spaceship to check out if the tides were still working or not.

What do you think? Is this real or a hoax? And if it is real, what do you think it may be?

Update: Here’s the fourth video that appears on the initial comparison.


Is This a UFO On the Bottom of the Ocean?

Swedish sea treasure hunters have found something extraordinary: A 60-foot disc sunk in the bottom of the ocean, with what appears to be 985-foot-long impact tracks leading to it. The team leader never found anything like it:

You see a lot of weird stuff in this job but during my 18 years as a professional I have never seen anything like this. The shape is completely round… a circle.

Those are the words of Peter Lindberg, commander of the Ocean Explorer. He and his team found the strange disc on June 19 2011, at 285 feet below the surface of the Botnia Gulf, which is located somewhere between Finland and Sweden in the Baltic.

The Ocean Explorer is not a team of crazy UFO hunters, but a company that finds sunken ships and retrieve their contents for profit. In 1997 they found the shipJönköping, which was loaded by 2.500 bottles of an amazing champagne: Heidsieck&Co Monopole 1907 “Gout Americain” dedicated to the Russian Imperial Fleet. They sold those bottles for $13,000 a pop.

So what this could be?

Linberg is not claiming this is a UFO but the appearance of the sonar image is leading some people to believe it’s a crashed object either made by humans or—dun dun DUN—aliens. I look at the images and all I can think about is “someone get Chewie and Han’s bodies out of there.”

Is This a UFO On the Bottom of the Ocean?Click to enlarge.

While the shape may remind you of the Millennium Falcon, a Cylon Raider or abloody Nazi spaceship from the dark side of the Moon, and the tracks suggest the object destroyed part of seabed on its way to its final position, this could be anything, including a geological formation or, as Lindberg says, some archeological find, some “new Stonehenge.”

How a new Stonehenge could be found at 285 feet below the surface, I don’t know. And it certainly can’t be a manmade object because I’d would assume that any experimental vehicle woud have been retrieved by now by the US or Russian navies.

In any case, I’m sure we will find out. Lindberg doesn’t want to spend any money on it “since it might be nothing” but I’m sure James Cameron is on his way armed with his Titanic underwater robots and he will find out.

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