Sick Off The All White Theme Of Google+? [G+ THEMES][UPDATED]

Posted: August 2, 2011 in News, Uncategorized
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Tired of all that white? The Midnight Theme extension applies a clean, dark theme to Google+. Even your girlfriend will like

I love Google+. Really, I do. But sometimes I feel like there's just too much white, and it all 
gets lumped together. So, I designed this theme to separate out the elements a little bit and 
give it a darker feel. Try it out. You might just like it.
Updates Planned:
     1. Settings page!
     2. Allow users to upload their own backgrounds.
     -Fixed an issue where the theme would break the site's secure authentication.
     -Localized all images to the theme.
     -Slightly smaller, and faster load times.
     -Added styling to the options page (Now readable! Yeah!)
     -Minor design changes.


Google+ Ultimate for Google Plus –> HERE

This is an extension for Google Plus (, G+, Google+) to add functionatility and themeing for the 
I have big plans for added features, but I'm taking them slow so I can get them all working properly before 
moving to the next.
Notifications is powered mostly by source code by Surplus with some heavy tweaks: Once this code is clean, it will be open sourced.
-Adds stylized theme to Google Plus to add to the experience and make it easier to read.
-Adds notifications to the extension icon (beta)
-Enables floating top and left navigation along with an ultra compact navigation to help minimalize the 
-Enables an option side-by-side status viewing  and/or scrollable statuses(off by default)
-Allows option to move Chatbox to the top navigation as a drop down button. 
(on by default, but can be turned off)
-Thin scrollbars option (on by default)
-Resize images and embeds to a smaller thumbnail (for those who prefer Facebook's style of 
image sharing)
-Many many more!
Release notes for 1.2.5
-Added a compatibility mode option for other extensions. Injects extra scripts for specific extension 
-Adds donate button for those nice people who asked for it :D
       KNOWN BUGS:
-Ultra compact view does not support low resolutions as of now, need to do more crunching of the top 
nav to make that
 possible. (requires 1475px width min) Please stop reporting it as a bug! :D
-Notifications seems to have issues on some machines. Working on a redoing how it works to make it have 
less bugs. Sorry.
-When using "j" and "k" to navigate in the stream, it will pull the post up a little to high when 
using floating left
and top panel.
-Experimental side by side view has problems with Sparks and Landing page.
Auto-Colorizer for Google Plus™ 
Color Google+ & Facebook w/ Auto-Colorizer. Adds an awesome color scheme to Google+
and Facebook based on your photo. Your picture determines your page's colors. 
Bored of the plain colors of Google Plus and Facebook?  Each of your friends gets
their own great custom color scheme! Visit any profile or photo album on Google+ or Facebook, and
the page will change color schemes to perfectly match their photo. Works on all pages of Google
Plus and Facebook.If you want your profile to be a certain color, use a profile picture with more
of that color.  For instance, if you want a green profile, use a photo of you on grass or if you
want a pink profile, wear a pink shirt.Add me to a circle on G+:
Follow me on twitter:!/@AutoColorizer
Try it out.  If the extra color isn't your style, click the wrench icon on the far top right =>
tools => extensions => disable/uninstall. Quotes & User Reviews:
"This is fricking incredible!!!" -Jody
Revision History:
2011-08-27 v3.1 Fixed Facebook coloring, added support for Facebook's new photo viewer.
2011-08-24 v3.0 Initial release for Google Plus

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