The Most Popular Smart Phone OS, By State And Sex #. [FACTS]

Posted: August 8, 2011 in News
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Have you every wondered which type of smart phones where the most popular in which states… Now you know

Now I understand why i still feel like a black sheep with my Gingerbread….Looks like I’m from a BLUE state…
To check out the full report look no further and here –> MOBILE STAT – Simple Targeting & Audience Trends Monthly Report
Android No. 1 For Another Month
The prevailing mobile storyline of 2011 has been
Android’s dominance. This dominance continued based on data pulled from over 83 million
users on the Jumptap network. June 2011 data
shows Android as the leading platform again
this month, with 38% of the market. iOS comes
in at second with 33% market share and
Blackberry OS comes in third with 22%. The
top three mobile operating systems control over
90% of the market, making it increasingly difficult for competing platforms to gain traction.

iOS dominates CTR
Another common theme of 2011 that continues
this month is the lower interaction rates on
Android as compared to the general mobile
click-through average. Additionally, we have
seen iOS CTRs consistently outperform
industry averages

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