There’s a little lovely piece of humanity here [LIFE LESSONS]

Posted: August 15, 2011 in Opinion


Little moments in time like this make life what it is. For just one song, one concert, one night under the stars, one night with friends, one night in love, you can feel the most human you will ever feel, if you let everything else go.

Open your eyes to the world and you will see this is true everywhere you look.  Think back to what your favorite memories are. Not the recent good times, going to the hot new clubs and spending way to much money trying to look cool, but the REAL good memories, the timeless ones, How often can you remember what you were wearing, or how much money you spent that night, or how exclusive the spot was, or how much money everyone there was making, or even what jobs everyone there had?


What you remember is the feeling of connection. Where for a small fraction of your life, time was endless. The world seemed to move in slow motion like you had a heightened sense of reality.  You remember things like: how crisp the air was, how huge the sky looked, rhythm of the music but the song escapes your grasp,  the smiles on your friends faces, how funny someones laugh was even though you can’t remember the joke, the taste of someones lips, the smell of their hair, the feeling of belonging, the LOVE.

Material things fade into the background and all you see are the souls of the people who shared the moment with you.  That is what makes us human.  My questions to anyone who has ever  said “I am so bummed that I missed that!” is, Why did you miss it? This is not trying to be sarcastic or rude, but truly look for the answer to the question. What was going on in your life that was so important at that time that you missed the event?

Then look at the grander picture and ask yourself was my reasoning for missing it valid?  Too often people miss these life altering, mind bending, relationship building, soul searching, moments because they were wasting their time on something that in the grand scheme of things meant nothing.

baby leads cheer

So next time, go to your kids baseball game, say hello to complete strangers, yell Free Bird at the top of your lungs at a rock concert, sing in the rain,

Lake of the Ozarks Concert In The Rain

call in sick to go to the pool, never turn down an invite to go see that band you always wanted to see (even on a work night),

walk slow in crowds, stop and smell the roses, kiss the beautiful girl, wear your heart on your sleeve, believe that all people are good, and  live OUTSIDE YOUR BOX.

The work will always be there,the material things will always fade, the next promotion will always be followed by the next promotion, life isn’t timeless, but moments like these are.

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