Blog Favorites Brought To You By Me.

Posted: August 30, 2011 in Opinion

While examining a few lists of bloggers or people to follow on Google+ I decided it might be best to put my own list of bloggers together who are great to follow or subscribe to.



If you are like most people looking for great deals during economic down times and try to pinch pennies this is the blog for you she finds the best deals on the net every day.



NO this is not a blog about the video game. but it is a great blog where quotes are posted by famous or everyday people that provide inspiration and/or guidance through life’s trials and tribulations.











This blog has money advice that actually matters and is in hip common language so it can easily be applied and understood.



Many have seen the books, but who knew they provided the world with great insights every day with new posts.


Any man who every has questioned what are the keys to manliness needs to read this blog.  He answers questions and explains behaviors or why men act and struggle with the things that they do.

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