Defacing Money Is Illegal But Also Can Be Very Cool [Skull Nickels]

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Opinion


Skull nickels and dimes are a popular way for people to deface money.  It became really popular with the Indian head nickels in the past, but with the recent new nickels is gaining steam again.

1937 Dime

1936 nickel

1938 Indian Head Nickel

1937 Skull Dime

1938 Cards & Skull Dime

1986 Nickel

Coin collectors today consider the hobo nickel a numismatic treasure, a tribute to long- forgotten folk artists who often literally carved for their supper. The Buffalo nickel debuted in 1913, but it wasn’t until the Great Depression struck that hobo nickel carving reached its peak. During this period, buffalo nickels were the most common nickels in circulation.



  1. Joe Lund says:

    Wow… some of these are way cool

  2. Eric smith says:

    Anyone have any they wanna send me…please 🙂

  3. CES says:

    This is a very well debated argument, but this article kind of explains it the best that I’ve found.

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