My Favorite YouTube All-Stars [ENTERTAINMENT]

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Opinion
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So after an interesting post by a friend (HERE) I decided to share some of my favorite people on YouTube.

This is the video from my friends post.  Yes there is a beat boxing cellist (1:33) which is one of the more unique talents I have ever seen.  Not to mention the song is great. If you go to watch any more of their videos leave my blog in the comments to let them know where you came form to watch it.


 is one of my favorite success stories from YouTube.  I started following her when she only had about 100 people listening to her music. She now tours the world singing and doing what she loves.  she is by far the best dorm room musician I have seen on YouTube.  By dorm room musician i mean when she started she was just sitting in front of her computer in her dorm room recording songs on her laptop.  She covers tons of fun songs as well as having many great originals.  All of the singing is her own she even does the harmonizing with herself.  For those of you who would love to play music for a living she is a great reference as to how to get started and how to truly do what you love.

– jaaaaaaa

Matthew Andrae, AKA , I found randomly on YouTube during a ukulele tangent of browsing.  When i first watch the video it had

only been seen about 1500 times.  It now has many more views than that. Below is an excerpt from her YouTube profile and the song.

“Imagine waking up to 15,000 new emails with 1000 new ones coming in every hour. The emails are from people you don’t know who want to congratulate you, share their most personal emotions about your music and meet you in person. Among these thousands of emails are others who want to sign you to their record label, manage your career, schedule interviews, and book your act. The first thing you might think is that you are still dreaming. “I remember smiling in disbelief” says Matthew Andrae, “Nobody gets that many emails except maybe Russell Crowe”. Since Andrae posted a video on You Tube last December of himself singing “Sweet Celine” and accompanying himself on the Guitalele (a cross between a classical guitar and a tenor ukulele), the song has racked up 603,102 views and touched many listeners.”

I was one of those people who emailed him.


  does not get nearly the viewership of the above three channels and the videos posted are generally random in content and theme, but he has a special ability to pull his camera out at just the right time to catch some special moments on film.  I have used his videos in the past on my blog for concert reviews, the video below was taken at a house party he had. The band is The Werks. (find there music for free HERE)

  This channel posts videos from one of the best college traditions I know of anywhere in the country. Every winter The University of Dayton and its students have a Christmas light competition, for an event called Christmas On Campus where they have under privileged kids from the city near by come out to campus to celebrate Christmas and get presents from college kids. It is a great charitable event but the reason it is so cool is how over board they take the Christmas light competition.

If you haven’t seen this video yet you must have been living in the internet dark ages but these guys play their only hit song on a subway in NYC all on iPhones and filmed on iPhones. You may be thinking that is lame, but it actually sounds great.

  comes from the guys who brought you superbad and funny or die. Basically they get friends of theirs super drunk and then asked them to explain historically significant events. If you are a history buff this will be a big laugh for you.

also check out Every Once In A While You Stumble Across A YouTube Gem [MUSIC]

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