Here Are The Future Stars Of Football. [VIDEOS]

Posted: September 19, 2011 in News, Opinion
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This first video is highlights from the junior year of high school of an athlete I have been waiting years to reach college sports.  This is NO JOKE Barry Sanders Jr. Yes he has the same name as his father and judging by these high lights looks to be destine to walk in his fathers footsteps at tail back for a very lucky football coach next year.

Highlights of star wide receiver Dorial Green – Beckham from Hillcrest High School in Springfield, MO. In the top 100 on Dorial passes what recruiter call the eye test with flying colors.  You can watch his highlight real over and over again and he never even looks like he is trying hard.  Basically football comes easy to this kid, and in MO state high school football he is a man among boys.

2010 Highlights of Johnathan Gray, RB from Aledo H.S. This RB just has pure speed. He is gonna be a homerun threat every time he gets the ball.

Hopewell Area HS in Aliquippa Pa. has one of the Nation Top RB, in Jr. Rushel Shell. In two season at Hopewell the Jr. has 4,255 and 43TD!!!! Shell is 5-11, 215 pounds that has size, speed, quickness, power, and etc. Rushel can run between the tackles and can get to the outside in a hurry!!!!! If Shell stays health, this young man will have a great Jr season in 2010 and will be 1 of the Nation top RB in the 2011 Class!!!! Good Luck Rushel Shell!!!!

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