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Posted: September 25, 2011 in News
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Sorry nothing new has come out i’m the last 4 days I have been busy. The good news it new posts are coming.  Here is what they’ll be about:


Quad core +1 processors for phones by next year. — we are talking more power than a good laptop but pocket sized.

At least two posts on Obama’s plan to remove tax loopholes, entitlement and increase taxes on the rich. One post supporting this as a good idea one post questioning how effective it will be at fixing our national debt, and possibly one post about how the super rich feel about the tax increase or class warfare in general. 

There will be a review and a link to download the new VLC. media player even though it only in alpha phase it still rocks.

More information on causes for stock market drops and way 12,000 could be a dangerous number for the market to reach.

Finally a special post with highlights from one if the most electrifying football players in the history of college football. As well as a wrap up of the weekends games both pro and college.

As you can see we have great stuff on the way check back by lunch time tomorrow and many will be published by then.

-Thanks to all my readers


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