iPhone 4s Launches And Its Already A Piece Of Crap [TECH REVIEW] [Updating]

Posted: October 5, 2011 in News, Opinion

***New Reasons to avoid this phone at the bottom, (only512 mb ram = weak sauce.)

Apple has once again impressed me with a product launch.  Only this time its for all the wrong reasons.  This new iPhone 4s is already outdated and apple did a really good job of trying to make people think this is the new cool phone but face it iPhones Are Not Cool Anymore!!  This phone does nothing special, infact i see only a fair amount of improvement over the old iPhone 3Gs, and almost none over the iPhone 4.  Don’t waste your money on this product its gonna be a big time loser. Lets look at how it compares to the other OS phones.

I still don’t know why apple decided to bring out a phone that has outdated power.  1GHz dual core phones have been topped almost 4 months ago.  In fact there are plans to bring out 1.5GHz quad core phones by this coming spring less than 6 months away. [Quad-Core Processors Are Coming, But Are You Ready To Say Goodbye To Your Laptop]  I can totally understand why Steve Jobs resigned now.  It was only partly because of his ailing health, but mostly because he didn’t want this embarrassing product launch to be attached to his name.  This might go down as one of the biggest product launch flops in history.  Seriously though if Apple doesn’t turn this around soon with a completely out of this world iPhone 5 launch next summer they are going to fall way behind in the smart phone technology race.

One last rip on this new product.  Be honest with yourself now.  Look at the picture below and tell me if you can tell the difference. I mean if they didn’t label it with and “S” after that 4 you would probably never even notice the difference even though it is a full year “supposedly newer” technology.  I bet someone out there will make a killing by engraving an “S” on “old” iPhone 4’s and sell them as if they were new on eBay.

Also here is a comparison to the Samsung Galaxy S II


Confirmed: The iPhone 4S Has Only 512MB of Ram


We’d previously heard rumors that the iPhone 4S only has 512MB of RAM—now it’s for sure. The folks at iFixit have beenworking all day on a teardown and finally made the declaration themselves.

It’s pretty standard for top-tier smartphones to come with 1 GB of RAM these days—a lot of people were expecting the same of the iPhone 4S. There’s no indication that the phone suffers performance-wise.

iFixit deduced that the iPhone 4S only had 512MB of RAM based on markings on the A5 processor. Anandtech has done some digging of their own based on iFixit’s images and determined that the Samsung part number on the processor indicates that the phone indeed carries 512 MB of RAM. Check out our previous post for a full rundown of what we learned from the iFixit teardown. [iFixit and Anandtech]

  1. Neal says:

    I’m well miffed, I’ve been waiting 2 years for my current 3GS contract to finish and get a super call all singing all dancing super phone (iPhone 5) Don’t get me wrong I’ve loved my 3GS, 3G & 2g before that but it’s not moved on, retina screen great on my kids touch but I’m not signing up to a 2 year contract costing 100’s for a better screen, after all I’ll get io5 on my 3GS! Basically I’m really annoyed with that rubbish, they’ll lost my custom this year and I’ll probably wait until june but they let me down the I Wont be buying apple again. Serious let down

    • Make the jump to an android device you can pick up a Motorola ATRIX and a tv doc for it with a two year contract for right around $80.00 at best buy, Wal-mart, or most AT&T affiliated stores. Not only does it have a 4″ screen it also has just as much space and power as the iphone 4s and it can double as a low power desktop computer.

  2. jim says:

    Agree 100%. What an f’ing joke. Jobs is gone for a few months and the place is falling apart already. Good Grief! Just hope I can sell my POS iPhone 4

  3. The Biker says:

    Apple…. Innovation…… What a load of rubbish. The thing with apple is they are self-righteous, they make out something old is something new. They are lagging behind the Android scene now.

    I am an Android user and every ex-apple fanboy who has finally tried Android has said they would never go back.
    They not only cost too much but, there are so many fundimentals missing that makes Android a far user friendly experience in my mind.

    Lets start with this….

    1. Removable battery. If your Android phone goes dead, Open back, remove battery, replace with cheap £8 after market battery. Problem solved. Apple… Battery goes dead.. find a charger. Not too good if your camping or in the middle of nowhere!. If it goes completely dead you have to send an iphone back to apple.

    2. 8mp camera…. Oh my god… Finally Apple have put a reasonable camera in their phone. Well My desire HD has had one since I bought it in November 2010. God forbid it’s taken Apple 11 months to impliment this!

    3. Retina screen huh… Lovely… but then with a screen size like that, you need darn good vision to appreciate it. I know this is a personal preference, but I like the 4.3-inch on my Android. It’s not an issue in my pocket ever and even if the resolution isn’t quite as good as the iphone, my own eyesight wouldnt be able to make out much difference anyway.

    4. Giggabites!!! If you want to upgrade an Android’s storage memory, open, insert new sd card. instant 32gb+…. Apple, more memory??… buy a new phone!

    5. Angry birds are free! The benefit of Android is the sheer amount of apps that are free because they use advertising.

    6. Video websites… I can watch pretty much any video site online with android because of this feature called flash player! You want to do the same on Apple…. No chance! Apple dont want to or support flash player.

    7. Cost. Android phones are cheaper than Apple phones. If you want Apple your buying a brand or designer label. Not the technology that goes in it.

    8. Music. Well if you buy online using your iphone…. it’s the i-store all the way! Android, you can go to any site anywhere!

    But overall I like the user interface on the iphone a lot. It’s very smooth…..
    So thats just a start… It puzzles me why people kid them selves about apple products. It’s almost like the reaction a magpie gets to something that glitters. I just put it this way, you can’t polish sh*t, but you can cover it in glitter. I suppose thats what happens with the usual iphone fanboy/girl.

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  5. Josh says:

    How wrong you were…
    You’re obviously just another one of those people that think hardware is the be all and end all of a device. Ignorant.

    • So are you trying to make the argument iOS5 is better than ICS or even gingerbread? LMFAO! This article is about the hardware because even the most diehard apple fan boys that know anything about tech know that ICS and Gingerbread are far better than than iOS5. Lol. You are probably one of those people that think Siri is the $#!T. Lol. But thanks for the comment anyway it gave me a great laugh.

  6. H-Man says:

    I agree with you. Have you realized this – You can buy a 64GB Ipod and Samsung Galaxy SII for gods sake and still it will cost you less than Apple Iphone 4S. Also, no contract necessary. With these you can still have Apple and Android. How can one just buy an Iphone. Its another thing that you need no IPOD once you buy a Samsung Galaxy series phone.

  7. anonymous says:

    lot of hate in here…
    first of all, guys….it’s just phones….ok
    Secundo, most people don’t give a shit about the 0,2ghz more or less on the processor, amount of ram etc….
    what people want for that price is a nice and pretty phone that does calls, surfing, mails, music etc…in an elegant way, no matter iphone or samsung, it’s just a matter of taste..

    now here, you guys can keep on wanking over technical specs….who cares?
    by the way, go check on youtube some iphone vs samsung s2 vids about actual use performances…pretty much the same.

    don’t you guys have better things to do than hate a cell phone?

    what you hate is not the iphone….it’s the iphone users…
    it’s the human nature, like for religion, politics etc…
    that iphone has done nothing to you, it didn’t put a gun on your head saying “hey,I’m the best phone in the world so buy me now or i kill you”

    so chill out, buy a good cellphone and move on, there is a lot of much better phones to come in the future

    • I don’t hate iPhone users, I don’t really even hate the iPhone itself. What i do dislike is Apple’s shady marketing tactics. Their whole iphone marketing campaign is a giant Kansas City shuffle. Apple gets you to look at the pretty lights so you don’t realize what they sold you was an overpriced, novelty, paper weight, that also does an okay job at calls and music. (If you think it “elegantly surfs the web” you can go into the category with the rest of apple fan boys who don’t know what they are talking about and are blinded by the light.)

      • anonymous says:

        First, I love and hate apple at the same time.
        I love them because we probably wouldn’t be talking about all this shit if they didn’t create the iphone which was kind of revolutionary and because they’re highly innovative.
        I hate them because consumers are nothing but cash to them, I hate the fact that they push your hardware to obsolescence so fast just to make you buy new one.
        So I’ll be the devil’s advocate
        You think it’s overpriced… okay, forget about the phone, let’s talk about economics and marketing. you rarely buy something new at a fair price especially in the luxury market (a 800$ phone is luxury..) think about fashion designers for example…prices are ridiculously high compared to production costs. So people agree to pay that extra $$$ because of the affective value added to the product.
        At that game, Apple is a genius: a perfect marketing. Good or bad? it’s business.
        the iphone may or may not be the best phone in the world, it is a great phone.
        Now, compared to other brands that make great phones too, apple brings something more: design. From concept to final product, materials, advertising, packaging, events, stores…
        What people don’t get is that apple added luxury to the computers and phones world, luxury that common people can buy. when somebody opens an apple package, he feels like a millionaire because of the extreme attention given to subtle details surrounding the product and the product itself. You don’t just buy a phone.
        That’s why apple is genius and that’s why people want to spend that extra cash regardless the fact that some specs could be better on some other phones. The same reason people pay 200$ in a chef’s restaurant, 1000$ a pair of designer’s heels altough it’s just food and shoes…

        You mentionned the term “fanboys” blinded by the lights….I understand what you mean in a way, as I find very annoying people telling you apple is way better than everything else, and if you don’t have apple, you just don’t know…
        But I must say, lot of people don’t have same level of interest concerning phones or computers performances so “fanboys” may be kind of pejorative and it’s pointless as they refer to something else.

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