Twilight is Terrible. [Movie Review]

Posted: November 14, 2011 in Uncategorized


In light of the new twilight movie coming out i decided to share my thoughts ob the series.

…I have never seen a worse trilogy of movies. And what kind of crazy weird things is it teaching the female youth.

The TOP things I learned from twilight.

1. ) sneak around behind your parents back as much as you want just make sure you have a strong bf to protect you.

2.) When a 17 year old boy says something is okay it always will work out great for you.

3.) Being one of Satan’s demons is cool as long as you do it for love. Oh yeah and don’t even think twice about never seeing your parents again they never loved you in the first place.

4.) As long as your pretty Werewolves wont eat you, in fact they might protect you, even though they tried to rape you one time its all cool you can still be friends.

4.) Whatever you are up to don’t trust your dad,  even though he is the nicest guy ever, it suits you much more to just try and screw him over as much as possible.

5.) Life as a vampire is peachy if you don’t eat humans. Its all hunkydory to have to stalk, hunt, and suck the blood out of a living wild animal for food. Who cares if it dies a horribly painful inhuman death.  You get to live forever for its sacrifice.

Feel free to add your own

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