Invisible Children Charity Leader Spends Your Donations on Crazy Drugs. [CORRUPTION]

Posted: March 19, 2012 in News
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So I am sorry to share this all with you but it looks like millions of people have been tricked by this douche…


He founded Invisible Children which is a charity that takes “donations” to try and prevent children from become an African Child Soldier.

However only a small amount of your money ever makes it to the CHILDREN. The rest goes to the founders crazy drug habit.

Below is a video by a TM reporter who saw this guy The Founder Of Invisible Children, running down the street naked on some sort of crazy drug high.

This is what your donations to invisible children went to…

Looks like 7 millions dollars scammed out of good natured people can get you pretty messed up on drugs.

For the full story check the link below

Kony leaders Arrested.

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