The iPhone5 Launches And Its Already A Waste Of Money. [IPHONE5]

Posted: September 12, 2012 in News, Opinion
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Look at all the awesome “NEW” features Apple is offering. #iPhone5


…..Whoa hold on a second….Who is COPYING who here…. Seems like EVERY SINGLE THING Apple announced today is a direct rip off of an Android feature. #boycottApple


I am having deja vu…. didnt Apple do this last year as well and declare it all as NEW technology. Lol.

Btw if you want all of these features PLUS a better camera and a bigger screen check out the Samsung Galaxy SIII or the HTC ONE X. Both will only cost you $100.00. … which is half of what the iPhone5 costs.

Oh ya and you don’t have to use iTunes or plug you phone into your computer EVER with android.

Can’t wait to see the millions of idiots that buy this phone just because it has the cool laser burn of the Apple on the back lol.

I miss the old days when these announcements actually had revolutionary technology. BY THE WAY THE PICTURE AT THE TOP IS THE iPHONE 4S,  I bet know one could even tell. Just for comparison below is the iPhone5.


Please before you buy this phone read the posts below from over a year ago showing you cheaper alternatives to the iPhone that have all the same functionallity.


Best phones for your $

  1. iDave says:

    omG. even though we typically have names like isheep, drones , but as your type. and please don’t insult me by saying “what type?”.. you are the typical idiots that of course are not as bright when it comes to electronics, though you think you…….. you think mega pixels on a camera determines if its a better camera. or you think the size of screen must mean its a better phone. and cant forget you probably think the number of GHz means that it runs faster. lol……..let me give you a little knowledge. first and for most , iPhone have always been about a luxury & quality of phone and software, which i assume you don’t understand. its OK , I know your not the brightest. what i mean about that is that apple give you quality not lots of crap quantity like the others. in yes that why every year after year i will own the most high demand phone and you will own a phone that you think is

    • Lol you have no idea how funny you sound. If you actually believe the iPhone has better software you are just proving your ignorance. I am a programer dude no one who works in programing thinks apple is better. NO ONE. Its does have potential to make more money for your programs though becuase dude like you are willing to pay $400 for something that only cost 8$.

    • @Dave- just to let you know the iphone is not the most high demand phone. The galaxy SIII is. And it is not the best quality phone. Not a single tech review company has scored the iPhone 5 higher than the Htc one x or the samsung galaxy sIII. The only company that has said the iPhone is the best is Apple. But of course as the self proclaimed iSheep fanboy that you are you probably havent even been paying attention to that. Or you just have been lost ever since you got your iPhone 5 because of the faulty maps, or maybe you like being trapped in a world of purple hued sunburst pictures and nit have the ability to make a call and used data at yhe same time. As i said before if you think Apple’s iPhone is a great product U R DUMB. if you buy an iphone because it is a status symbol ir because all of your friends have them then at least have the balls to say i bought it because i thought it would make me cool. Dont try and tell me your shit is chocolate pudding.

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