Diamonds For Everyone!!! [Space Diamonds]

Posted: September 17, 2012 in News, Opinion
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Diamonds for everyone and they are all worth about as much as sand.

[Edit: these diamonds are actually so far only industrial grade so the will not be used in jewelry Huffington Post Article

But don’t get me wrong this will still largely effect the price of the stones.]


Remember about 5 months ago when a few of the largest diamond companies that were still privately owned all of a sudden sold out and cashed in on the value of their company?  I DO.

This is why. That huge diamond engagement ring you bought your lover that cost you at least a few paychecks, well the diamond is probably worth as much as any old rock in your backyard now.


Oh ya and all of the R&D money put into creating lab diamonds, that was a waste as well.


Come to Russia (AKA Super Shady Land) and buy diamonds for as cheap as sand. Basically they have an entire desert of them, and they have been laughing all the way to the bank since the 1970’s.

Russia Announces It has been hiding a 3,000 year supply of diamonds for 4 decades.

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