Believing You Are A Victim… [Mitt Romney]

Posted: September 18, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I would like to start by saying I AM NOT A SUPPORTER OF MITT ROMNEY. (nor Obama)

Today all the rage on the blogosphere is about how ol’ Mitt lashed his tongue and the less privileged.  I think its a bunch of garbage and a stupid thing to stay, but he was at least on the right train of thought. 

Do his statements help or hurt his chances?

To my understanding the fact about, 47% of the population has taken some sort of federal support from the government, is true. I do not have a problem with him calling out the people who “think they are victims”. I think way to many people decided long ago that their life was going to come easy and money and iPhones were going to rain down from the sky on them without them having to do any work for them.  Its one of the biggest problems i see in youth today and it comes from most of their parents.  Entitlement! And when what they feel they are entitled to doesn’t come easily to them, they instantly become a victim.  Its like they can’t believe that after all of the lack of work they have done they didn’t reach their goals. Goals are met by hard work, long hours, and practice.  America was not built on the backbones of freeloaders it was built on the backs of hard workers and innovators.

I do however think it might be the dumbest thing ever for him to think…

“I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” -Romney

First, the idea that people cannot change for the better is sickening to me.  How can you rule out 47% of the USA population as failures so easily? Mitt, you are only playing to the victimization they already feel. If they truly cannot be turned around THAN THE TRULY ARE VICTIMS.

Secondly, a Man (or Woman, not in the election though) who makes his goal to convince the population to take personal responsibility and care for their lives, is a man who is worthy of being president of the USA. In fact that is exactly what you should be trying to do. 

I would becoming the biggest supporter in the world of the first Politician who runs on the platform of just that. It would be a breath of fresh air for the USA to put some of its wasted tax money into “Convincing People to Take Personal Responsibility and Care For Their Lives” In fact this should be a class taught in high school…

It would be called “ITS YOUR LIFE TAKE CONTROL OF IT” and be required to pass in order to graduate. 

We need to stop giving money to problem citizens of the country and start invest time and education into fixing the problems. I am not going to get into the list of things I think are problems, but I wanted to clarify I do not blame this on people, I blame this on the lack of motivation, education, and circumstance that holds these people back from being successful.  I wouldn’t even mind if I had to pay higher taxes if instead of a welfare check, people got a life coach.


A life coach who:

Came and woke them up every morning EARLY.

Helped them apply for JOBS get needed EDUCATION.

Or whatever else they needed help with to become a PRODUCTIVE MEMBER OF SOCIETY.

Just STOP giving them money to buy drugs and booze. I know some of you will say, “Not everyone on a social benefit program is buying drugs and booze”. I say you are correct, but how many of them own iPhones or flat screen TV’s. That is besides the point anyway, because if someone who is collecting from the government is actually trying to better their life,  they should have no issue with a life coach coming and helping them succeed at it.


What we are doing right now “Is like burning money to stay warm instead of paying the gas bill”. 

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