DNA Hacking, The Future of Weapons [FUTURE TECH ]

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

So I know it has been a while since I shared a new post with everyone, but with all of the election garbage going on and my busy personal life i just haven’t had the time, or maybe there just hasn’t been anything worth writing about…either way today i cam across something straight out of the future.


With the ever increasing power of computer processor we have been able to accomplish some pretty amazing feats, maybe the most amazing is mapping the human G-Nome.  Well soon this new technology is going to lead to a dark fear filled future for anyone with any sort of enemy.

Article below as seen on Gawker.

“n this month’s issue of the Atlantic, there’s an interesting theory put forth in a story about biowarfare. Drawing on advances in genome decoding, the previous revelations that any stray materials containing the president’s DNA are frequently destroyed, and that Hilary Clinton has ordered the collection of DNA from other foreign leaders, the Atlantic posits the idea that the next evolution in biowarfare will be thedevelopment of personalized bioagentsdesigned to attack specific strands of DNA. The strands of world leaders.”

Could DNA Hacking Be Used to Wipe Out World Leaders?

Basically, we have developed the ultimate weapon.  It is precise, leaves no evidence and doesn’t destroy any infrastructure, or cause any collateral damage.  It is a bio weapon the kills a specific DNA. It can be used to kill a specific person or a certain type of person.  Basically this is Hitler’s Dream WEAPON.  

So next time you are afraid your computer password got hacked take a deep breath and relax.  At least it wasn’t your DNA.  Also it has made me think twice about throwing out that paper cup or that tissue into the trash.  In the year to come protecting your DNA might be more important than protecting your passwords.

Excerpt from Gawker Article and link to the Atlantic’s piece, below:

The piece is largely speculative, but it does look at recent developments to stitch together a handful of logical reasons why we might actually see this pop up in the future:

  • Improved ability in genome decoding: In 1998 it took $300 million and two years to decode a human genome. This year, a human genome can be decoded in a couple of days for as little as $1000. In a few years, it will only cost $500 (who knows, it could end up taking MINUTES). And now the same man responsible for decoding the human Genome, Craig Venter, has created a synthetic chromasome capable of replicating itself. The delivery method for destruction exists.
  • Internet crowdsourcing: You don’t need to be a PhD level nerd to hack together a catastrophic bioweapon. You can draw from a plethora of information available on the web, or databases of gene sequences which are made available from previous public projects. Once you’ve hacked togther a genome, it’s extremely easy to have it printed by a DNA lab.
  • Cheap cost of technology: You can acquire all the technology required to grow, sequence and develop a blueprint of a genome for under $10,000.
  • Rise of the digital black market: Criminals know how to use the internet to their benefit as well as researchers and corporations. Guns and drugs can be easily had on the internet right this moment. If the genome of a world leader were to leak, containing that data would be tough.
  • Tricky defense: Although there would be ways to prevent the escape of information, the durability DNA means that an evildoer could find genetic material from someone’s past and decode that. Or a government could begin collecting material long before that person becomes a significant player on the international stage.

Long story short, we’ve only scratched the surface of biowarfare. And when we get deep into its belly, it could make for a scary future. Read the rest of the piece over at [The Atlantic]”

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