Guns Guns Everywhere… [GUN CONTROL]

Posted: December 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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In 2011 there were 8,775 people in the USA killed by firearms. (

There are over 310 million registered guns in the USA. Yeah, thats right enough for almost every person to own 1 weapon.  (

Our own “Homeland Security” just bought 950 million rounds of assault rifle ammunition to use to control the population of the USA. (

However a closer look at the numbers will show you some facts. 
If the above mentioned murders all took place with a different gun for each one the equation below would show the ratio of gun used for murder vs guns owned. 



This shows that less than three ten thousandth of a percent of fire arms in the USA are used for murdering. 

If this doesn’t show you that guns aren’t the problem than nothing will. 


This is true with drug addiction, alcoholism, and I believe violence.

We are obviously failing our young male population.  To the point where to often they are lashing out violently at innocent victims. 

I know it is easier for people to want to say Adam Lanza (the shooter in CT) was a lost cause or was mentally disabled or whatever you want to say,  but the kid needed help and we as a society failed him.  Let’s stop this culture of “the blame game” and start taking  responsibility for our societies actions.  This is not the guns fault. This is our fault for letting someone who so obviously needed help fall through the cracks and it cost us all tragically.
I am open to any and all suggestions. Let’s have a really discussion about how to save these young men. Let’s turn this tragedy into a turning point where we find a solution to this tensing problem. Let’s do this for the families, for the children and for our future.

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