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I have always been a big fan of the band Dispatch.  I got into them in college and was lucky enough to see them play on their last tour.  then out of no where due to some unforeseen family problems and deaths the band broke up.  And they stayed broken up for 9 years or more.  Randomly I was surfing the interwebs and i saw they were playing a reunion tour and i had to do whatever i could to get tickets to the show.  Boy Oh Boy! Did it ever pay off to get tickets to the smallest venue on the tour in Saint Louis Missouri at The Pageant.

The Pageant was packed, and the crowd was a buzz with anticipation.  The doors opened at 6 pm and there was no opening act before Distpatch took the stage at 8pm. Since The Pageant is open seating, basically a giant bar with a big stage, we arrived plenty early to get seats and the place was already packed.  This only added to the excitement. For the last hour before they took stage every time the music in the bar got quite people started cheering hoping it was the start of the show.

When the time finally came Dispatch held nothing back. The played a great version of Open Up.

Pay close attention to the instruments the band is playing becuase throughout the show they switched it up.  I think each one of them played Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, and Drums.

I was so happy that came back out for an encore to play one of my favorite songs Ellias.  It has a great beat and is definitely a crowd favorite. I didn’t provide the whole song so i wouldn’t spoil it for when you go see them play…

What really makes a Dispatch show special though it the atmosphere.  I have been to few concerts where that many people know the words to all the songs.  Also they always throw in some fun covers, this next cover of Mrs. Robison was a great surprise.

They also did a great cover of a sublime song and a few others, not to be a spoiler.

All I have to say is look at the crowd at the end of the show.