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1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Pros- thing this has a beautiful 10 in screen and  a quad core processor that will stand the test of time.  Great software support from Samsung. A 5 mega pixel rear facing camera.  The newest Android software.  This tablet coups fully replace a laptop. 

Oh and the best part it has a stylus you can use like a pen on the screen turning the whole thing into an interactive note pad. (Hence the name)

Cons – $499.99 prove tag.  Make sure you get a screen protector and a case to protect this investment. 

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2. Google Nexus7

Pros-its only $200 its fully supported by Google which means it will get the latest software updates for at least 3 years. Has a beautiful screen.  7 inch tablets travel nice.

Cons- its only got a tegra3 processor so it might start to feel slow in the next year or two. It’s got no fear facing camera.  Only a front facing one for video chat,  so if you plan on taking pictures with it this is not the tablet for you. 

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3. Google Nexus 10

Pros – This is a bigger version of the nexus7 listed above.  It’s also had a rear facing 5 mega pixel camera which the smaller version is missing. 

Cons- almost as expensive at the Samsung Note 10.1 but lacks the good processor and the stylus. 

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I would look to buy the Samsung tablet listed below on Amazon it comes in either wifi only or one you can buy a cell days service for.  Personally I would go with the wifi only version because you can always use your phone as a mobile hot spot to get it Internet on the go if you need it.  The nexus tablets I would buy directly from Google to avoid any distributor markup.  (