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Once again AlchemyHouse and Funky Bean Productions put on one of the best parties ever. The WERKOUT Music & Arts Festival 2011. Here is some footage I captured on Saturday night.

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Continuing my tracking of The Werks as they travel across the country preforming many different music festivals, I have acquired some film of them from EF music festival.

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Trailer video for EF and The Werks

– 1 Game Plan

-2 Hard To Find P.1

-3 Hard To Find p.2

-4 Rollin’

-5 Psycho killer

For those of you looking for a great music festival late this summer check out the lineup for The Werk Out Music & Art Festival. –> The Werk Out Festival

I am most excited about getting to see the Werks rock out on a few sets but the lineup is very strong along with them.  Dark Star Orchestra(performs “The Jerry Garcia Band” with special guest Donna Jean Godchaux)

EOTO and Kyle Hollingsworth Band (from The String Cheese Incident)

Donna Jean Godchaux Band with Jeff Mattson Johnny Neel (from The Allman Brothers Band

Just to name a few big acts.

DAYTON – Ohio’s up-and-coming jamband powerhouse, The Werks are thrilled to announce their second annual Werk Out Festival, held Thursday through Sunday Sept. 811 at Zane Shawnee Caverns in Bellefontaine.

Building off the success of last year’s inaugural event, this year’s Werk Out Festival gets even better with two nights of The Werks. Special guests include the nation’s top tribute act, Dark Star Orchestra performing with former Grateful Dead vocalist Donna Jean Godchaux recreating a historical Jerry Garcia Band show for the first time ever.

Additional performers include String Cheese Incident side projects EOTO (percussion, loop and trance duo) & the Kyle Hollingsworth Band (SCI’s keyboardist leads a funky quintet), as well as the Donna Jean Godchaux Band (Grateful Dead), Australia’s Ganja Giri, super group The Everyone Orchestra, keyboardist Johnny Neel (Allman Brothers Band) and more than 50 total bands.

Fusing psychedelic and shredding guitar, a screaming classic rock organ, funk slap bass, and modern dance beats and synthesizers, The Werks have created a style all of their own – “Psychedelic Dance Rock.” These highly unique and highly danceable grooves have earned them a devoted following, as well as invitations to perform at some of this summer’s hottest festivals, including the All Good Festival, Electric Forest (formerly Rothbury), Summer Camp Festival and Wakarusa.

FULL ARTICLE AFTER THE JUMP –> It’s time for a Werk Out

Here is a link to The Werks App For Android.  — > The Werks APP


This is an Alpha version of the The Werks Fan Club App. Please give comments and suggestions to improve the APP I am looking to roll out an update in the next few weeks.

App Screenshots

Preview Video For All Good Music Festival.

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You Asked For It… Here is a new Drop Of The Werks Videos From YouTube.

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For those of you who have been holding your breath just waiting for the chance to see The Werks this summer, here is a great teaser for you. Below are the MOST RECENT POSTED THE WERKS VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE. Okay Okay so a couple of the videos are from last year but they were just posted to YouTube in the last 4 weeks.

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The Werks live @ Karma Music Festival 2011

The Werks @ Wakarusa 2011

The Werks – Game Plan @ Wakarusa 2011 HD

The Werks – Gameplan @ 2011 Mayflowers Springdance

The Werks – Fall @ 2011 Mayflowers Springdance

Rumpke Mountain Boys They Love Each Other Space Dark Star feat. Chris Houser From The Werks

The Werks – Glow stick War

The Werks – Glow Stick War – Newport Music Hall 05.07.11

The Werks Shredding~Run Like and Antelope!

The Werks – Game Plan

The Werks – 2001 Space Odyssey

The Werks – I Know You RIder

The Werks at Spring Hookah in The Hills 2010

Check out this awesome shot from All Good from last year. (actually not from all good even though they do this there)

This is one of the many things those of you who haven’t been to a music festival are missing out on.

If for some reason this photo has peaked your interest check out The Werks Tour Dates for the best shows still to come this summer.]

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Since everyone is loving this picture so much i decided to post some actual video of it from YouTube.

Oh yeah and it turns out this idea was borrowed from a cultural significant event in Poland to celebrate the summer solstice. Videos of Poland below…VERY COOL>

It looks like the above picture that was from the all good website is actually from Poland not from All Good.

Glow Stick War At The Werks Show

Posted: June 15, 2011 in Music

Amateur video of a glow-stick war at a The Werks show in Columbus Ohio.



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