Money Talks… Votes Don’t! [DEMOCRACY?]

Posted: March 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

It's Time for Mandatory Voting—And We Have the Technology to Do It

After reading the below linked article, I realized there are still too many people who just don’t get how democracy in the USA works.

“It’s Time for Mandatory Voting—And We Have the Technology to Do It”

Below is my response to the article.

​Totally, wholeheartedly, completely, disagree with the entire idea behind requiring voting.
1st – Most people are not educated enough to make a wise decision with there vote.  If you required them to vote you would just be throwing millions of worthless opinions into the mix
2nd – It is making a statement by not voting.  Since I have been old enough to vote, there have only been a few instances that I supported enough to warrant a vote.  The presidential race has only been once. If it is a topic i don;t care about and would be happy with the vote going either way, why should I have to choose?   Also when it comes to the presidency has any president in your lifetime actually changed anything? Does it truly matter which party is in office? They all have the same agenda anyway its a waste of my time.
3rd – Democracy is a fallacy.  Unless we eliminated congress and require every citizen to vote for every bill, then our broken system will not be fixed by increasing the number of voters. The votes on Capital hill 100% always go to wherever the MONEY comes from.  Not one single person cares what the people think, money talks votes don’t.

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