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Today we truly saw the beginning of something big.  This is what happens when the majority can put petty differences aside to try and reach action on one common goal to better all of humanity. if you are still confused This Is What The Occupy Wall Street Protest Is All About, Hint Its One Word! [ACCOUNTABILITY] also read this Announcement To The World [Vendetta Speech Edit]

More arrests today from all over the world what will they do when they fill all of the jails?

When I started this blog Crazy Signs were my job, now it looks like many people all over the world have entered my line of work.

If this sign is true watch out NYC we invaded countries based on tips this good.

How will he let people know what the demands are with his mouth taped shut.

This sign is so true, this should be the goal of everyone who supports this movement. Not only to strive for a world that we do want, but also make sure with 100% of our effort that we do not fall asleep at the wheel again and let the world come to this again.

Freedom for the 99% has been but a whisper in the wind for a long long time, we have never become more free, the 1% has just become better at making us think we are.

I love the faces the SUITES are making in the high end restaurant in the background.  Its like they can tell that the immoral teet they have been milking may finally be on its way out.

When I first posted about HACKERS starting an underground movement back at the end of May and early June [The Hacker Group Anonymous, Begins Phase One Of Destroying The Credit Markets] when I first created my blog, I never thought it would gain the support it has and lead to outright public protests against the same thing they were supporting.

Looks like more and more people are joining “The Heroic” part of this sign…

Yes if you scan the bar code on your computer it works too.